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  • Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

    Winston Churchill

  • In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

    Bill Cosby

  • Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.
    Abraham Lincoln

Small Business Tips: Leveraging the ‘Power of Many’

Leveraging the ‘Power of Many’

by Influencing the Outcome in your Favor

Of all the small business tips we share, today’s insight on how you can leverage the power of many to grow your business is very timely and important.

When you hear the expression “a self made millionaire,” what comes to mind for you? Who do you know that has achieved this feat all by themselves? The truth is no one ever achieved great riches or success in a vacuum. In every case it took a team, an army, a flock … people who served as resources, partners, supporters, and enthusiasts.

So we network … nothing new. For the last 100 years certain networking can be termed mastermind, mostly due to the success of Napoleon Hill’s best seller Think and Grow Rich, where he coined the word. It’s important because he interviewed five hundred of our country’s most successful citizens, all happy, healthy and wealthy, to determine what were they doing that everyone else failed to do.

Dr. Hill’s benefactor Andrew Carnegie had no less than sixty mastermind partners as he grew Carnegie Steel. Resources, experts, authorities on every subject required for him to achieve business success. He didn’t have to learn everything, a big time saver, and had experts available for anticipated obstacles in growing his business. And grow it, he did. This is one vital key to leveraging the power of many to influence outcome in your favor.

Henry Ford was not an engineer yet he charged Ford Motor Company engineers to develop the eight-cylinder engine. As the story goes, the engineers reported six months in that it was impossible — they had already done everything they knew to do. Or so they thought. Ford said keep moving and six months later  the mystery was solved. I wonder if Ford  knew that we never get an idea we cannot achieve, or that all ideas are already here, just waiting for someone to figure them out.

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The history of success based on the ‘power of many’ goes back some five thousand years when we began recording history.  From Alexander to Jesus Christ, history is filled with powerful alliances which brought success to the leader and in many cases their mastermind partners. Napoleon Hill was not paid for his twenty years compiling data for Think and Grow Rich, yet he became a millionaire through his circle of influence … his ‘power of many’ … those he interviewed repeatedly over two decades to track their success. Which of us would take on a twenty year project with zero pay in the agreement? I wonder if Dr. Hill just knew this was the right path for him. He became an authority on success by reporting and measuring the successes of others over time. He truly was the 20th Century’s number one reporter.

To effectively leverage the power of many to grow your business, start with these few things to find your circle own of influence or mastermind.

  1. Begin observing the people in your networking circles that you particularly resonate and connect with; people you respect and do business with. Select ten.
  2. Invite them together for a mastermind inquiry with the specific purpose of determining if all wish to be part of an ongoing mastermind.
  3. Or … work with them privately without their knowing they are part of your power of many.

If this idea appeals to you and you are motivated to leverage the power of many yourself and create a mastermind or small virtual circle to step up your business growth, you can get the details in the mastermind chapter in the Amazon best seller 17 Legal Ways to Double Your Income or in the chapter Women, Wealth, and Mastermind in the Amazon best seller Champion. 21st Century Women: Guardians of Wealth and Legacy by Leslie Flowers. Step into your own greatness and surround yourself with people looking to do the same.


Leslie Flowers, Founder of mavenZminds (Masterminds for Business Women), and Performance and Achievement Academy.


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