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Small Business Tips: Stellar Customer Service is the Secret to Bigger Sales

Liz Losey was a speaker at the 17 Legal Ways Spring Summit focused on Increasing Customer Value. Here is a recap of the Customer Service process she shared as a key small business tip. Following a strong system is a sure way to Double Your Income.

Stellar Customer Service is the Secret to Bigger Sales
By Liz Losey

People buy from others who they know, like and trust. So who is your best customer? Someone who has already bought from you! So now it’s up to you to take good care of them. The first key to keeping your customers happy is to clearly and consistently communicate with them. The number one complaint from customers is that they didn’t know what was going on, or what to expect.

A wise man once said, “The customer may not always be right, but the customer is always the customer” (Earl Hadden). So keep in mind that you are the expert in your relationship, but always treat your customers with respect and integrity. So who is responsible for “customer service” at your company? Everyone should be invested in making sure that your customers are satisfied. Just like the “Disney Way” – everyone from the CEO to the janitors is responsible and empowered to make sure that guests have a fantastic experience. All of this is great in theory – but how to apply it? You must have a system in place to make sure that your customers are happy with their experience.

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I like to use the 2-2-2 system that I learned from direct sales trainer, Belinda Ellsworth ( This stands for 2 Days, 2 Weeks, 2 Months. The timing can be adjusted to work in any industry, but here is how it looks in my business.

1. 2 Days – Within 24-48 hours after your initial sale, while the experience is still fresh in your customer’s mind, call them to thank them for the business. You can also use this time to confirm their purchase, by telling them the positive experiences others have had by making the same or similar purchases. People like to have that reinforcement about what they buy.

2. 2 Weeks – After they receive their products of have a chance to use them for a little bit and experience the benefits of their purchase, give them a call. Make sure that they have opened it and put it to use. Your customers can’t reap the benefits of what they have bought from you if it’s still in the box. They may have concerns about their purchase, but this is a great opportunity to address their concerns before they have the chance to complain to their friends that their purchase didn’t turn out as they expected or it’s broken, etc. Granted, these may not be fun issues to deal with, but by dealing with them now you will avoid cranky customers who will tell all their friends about the horrible experience they had. Wouldn’t you rather have your customers telling their friends about your proactive customer service experience?

3. a – This refers to the ongoing support and communication that you will provide for your customers. By continually building relationships, this is a great opportunity to tell your customers about your referral programs, additional items that you have that they would benefit from purchasing and asking for testimonials.

Among the many small business tips you may read today, this is a big one: If you don’t serve your customers, someone else will.

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